Pokemon Global

Pokemon Global is a popular fan-made MMORPG. It has been in development since 2006, but their current version 0.5 is their final version, because they are currently working on a mix of their game and Pokemon Online Revolution. This game is called Pokenet. When Pokenet is released it will replace the current Pokemon Global 0.5.

Pokemon Global 0.5 features:

  • Sixteen starters from four different regions
  • Part of the Johto region, stretching from New Bark Town to
  • Route 31
  • Money system which can be used to purchase PokeBalls
  • Pokemon storage system
  • Fullscreen mode
  • Catching wild Pokemon in routes
  • Battling Pokemon for experience and money
  • Ability to level up, evolve and learn moves
  • Chat system
  • battle system, based on Shoddy Battle engine (though not all
  • details such as EVs, stats, and natures
  • The ability to enter buildings and caves
  • Trainer NPCs challenge you to a battle if you walk into their range
  • Background music for the start screen, battles and maps
  • jumping down ledges
  • badges are being listed in your Pokegear
  • Swimming on water by pressing shift
  • Badge checks: You need a minimum amount of gym badges to enter certain places
  • Fleeing mechanics: If your Pokemon is not much faster than the wild Pokemon, fleeing from wild battles won’t work all the time
  • Most moves and Pokemon

Update: This game is now released under another name: https://pokemmo.wordpress.com/2011/07/25/pokemon-cyrus-online-3/



Pokemon Global register
Pokemon Global fight
Pokemon Global map

One Response to Pokemon Global

  1. luigi says:

    This was probably the best pokemon mmo, the game play and graphics looked almost identical to the originals.

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