Make your own Pokénet server

More than a year ago Pokénet was closed by Nintendo, but it’s code is still available for anyone to edit. And a new team of developers has picked up the code and is now developing and changing the Pokénet code from where the old team left off. This Project is called Pocket-monsuta and is available on

The same team of developers has made guides to help you set up your own pokénet server. If you’d like to host your own server, you should look at this post :

If you successfully set up your own Pokénet server, you might also want to get friends to join you on your server, so you can play together! How this can be done is explained here:

If everything worked out, then you have a working Pokénet server to play on together with your friends. But if you don’t know how to program Pokénet, then you won’t be able to change the looks of your Pokénet game. But there is a way to change your game images, sizes, positions, links, etc. Without having to edit the source code of the game. If you would like to do this then you should read this :

I know a lot of people loved Pokénet just like I did! I hope this helps you to relive your Pokénet experience, and even to improve it!

PS: I might post about another Pokénet based project soon!

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  1. bodilici says:

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