The current situation


It’s been a long time since I’ve updated PokéMMO, so now it is time to see what has become of each pokemon mmorpg. I am wondering if these pokemon games have grown into real MMORPG games and i’m hoping to find some new beautiful projects! I’ll make a list of games that have been released, games that are being developed and games that ceased to exist so you can easily look up the status of every project.


Pokemon Cyrus Online –
Pokemon World Online –
Pokemon Den of Ages  –
Pokemon Mystery Universe –
Pokemon Linked –
Pokemon Infinity –

In development

Pokemon Online –
Pokemon Universe –

Ceased to exist

Pokemon Neon
Pokemon Global
Pokémon Crater

I regret to tell you that some cool projects have ceased to exist. I even read that some of them, namely Pokenet and Pokémon Crater, were closed by Nintendo, which is very concerning news. But luckily there are still  a lot of projects up and running, and even a few in development and soon to be released. In the next weeks I will post more info on these games to keep you all informed.

Please post a comment if I forgot a Pokemon MMORPG game!