Pokemon: Den of Ages


Pokemon: Den of Ages is a 2D Pokemon MMORPG being depeloped by the Blackfyre team. The game has been in bèta for a while, but since the end of april their server has been down so you can’t play it yet.

Allright just another pokemon MMORPG with the classic looks and gameplay? No this game offers some unique features:

Classes: Everyone starts as a pokemon trainer, then players can pick a class when they meet the requirements.

Available classes:

  • Pokemon Master: The battle class
  • Pokemon Professer: The information class
  • Pokemon Artisan: The creation class
  • Pokemon Breeder: The assistant class
  • Pokemon Coordinator: The diversion class

PVP: The game will offer duels, tournaments and team battles and keep rankings on their site by keeping record of a players’ wins and losses in pvp.

Homepage: http://pdoa.koneko-chan.net/

Download: PDoA Installer

System requirements:

  • Windows XP, XP Home, or XP Professional, and Vista
  • DirectX 7 or Greater, if you have DirectX 10, you need to install DirectX 9
  • Any Graphic Card supporting DirectX 7 or Greater
  • 64 Megabytes of RAM
  • Broadband/DSL Internet Connection



Pokemon: Den of Ages map 1
Pokemon: Den of Ages map 2
Pokemon: Den of Ages chat