The Pokémon Moon RPG


Pokémon Moon is a free online Pokémon RPG. You can play Pokémon Moon inside your browser. The game is completely text-based. This means that there isn’t an interactive map on which you can play with others. You can find Pokémon and gain items and money by mining and exploring different areas.

Pokémon Moon features a battle area. On this page you follow storylines by defeating trainers, gym leaders, etc.

On the legendary areas you can search for legendary Pokémon, catch wild Pokémon and find money and items.

In the minigame center you can play minigames and unlock Pokémon with the minigame points that you have gained.

If you find rocks or Pokémon DNAs then you can use these items to gain Pokémon as well.

You can also battle against other players but these battles are computer controlled, so you don’t actually battle against the player but just against his Pokémon.

There is also a shop in which you can buy items for real money. People who buy these items have an advantage over players who don’t. For example: You can buy a dark ball which is a capturing device that never fails and when the Pokémon is captured, it instantly gains 125 level’s because of the ball.

Pokémon Moon is a text based Pokémon RPG with a lot of features, more than I discussed in this article and a lot of content. If you are looking for an online Pokémon game to play inside your browser, and you don’t mind not having an interactive map, then be sure to check out this game!



The Pokémon Moon RPG


Pokémon Moon battle

Pokémon Moon battle area

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