Pokémon Universe Public Beta in December!


After An important team meeting the developers of Pokémon Universe decided they will try to release a public beta version of PU in December 2011!

The beta version will feature a brand new map and all basic features. It will give the players a real taste of what Pokémon Universe will have in store, and it will of course test the server and the game itself.

At this moment 12 players that have been chosen by the developers team are already testing the game and server. Everyone else who wants to try the game will have to wait till December though, because there isn’t a playable version of PU available to download yet.

I’m sure more news will come when the beta gets closer!

Pokémon Universe


Pokémon Universe is a free to play Pokémon MMORPG that imitates the gameplay of the original Pokémon games.

Pokémon Universe is set in a brand new region, taking the popular gameplay of the existing Pokémon games and adding many unique features and enhancements to create an even better experience.

Currently PU is still in development and a release date has not yet been set.


  • A whole new world to explore
  • Tons of new quests to solve including a party system for team play
  • Events on the world map
  • Catch and train all currently known Pokémon
  • Battle against NPC’s and other players. Including team battles
  • Tournaments, beat all other players and win unique game content
  • Trade or sell your obtained Pokémon and items
  • Chat system
  • Create your own customizable character (male or female), choosing your own clothes, skin color, hair, and accessories
  •  Rebalanced Pokémon for competitive play

Homepage: http://pokemon-universe.com


Pokémon Universe battle

Pokémon Universe log-in screen