This is a list of Pokémon MMORPG’s! Usually you will have to download these games to be able to play them.


Pokemon Cyrus Online

Pokémon Den of Ages

Pokémon Infinity

Pokemon Mystery Universe

Pokémon World Online

In development


Pokemon dawn of darkness

Pokemon Online

Pokemon Universe

Pokemonium (playable beta)




Pokemon Global

Pokemon Linked

Pokemon Neon

Pokémon Net Realm


Please let me know if I forgot a Pokémon MMORPG game!

22 Responses to MMORPG list

  1. Napo says:

    Pokemon Mystery Universe is another mmo

  2. maycon says:

    pokemon craft

  3. RTmasterSmile says:

    pokemon rpg without download:
    pokemon moon

  4. anonymus says:

    unova rpg pokemon kingdom

  5. meowslol says:

    which one is closest to pokemon omega?

    • iyara says:

      Pokemon Volcano is probably the most similar to Pokemon Omega.
      Or if you don’t mind downloading a game then all the games on my mmorpg list will appeal to you.

  6. bodilici says:

    If you find tutorial to create servers , and more tutorial you will have more people who ill read this blog 😀 i`m interesting in a privete server 😀 i want to make a romanian version 😀 for people from me country 😀 srry for me english :))

  7. appu says:

    might try proberly will

  8. ??? says:

    Pokemon dawn of darkness

  9. SkyNinja says:

    There’s another one called PokeMMO. It’s pretty new, and it uses the FireRed rom as a base. Gotta get that on your own, though.
    Currently a playable alpha.

  10. MC Squared says:

    I think you forgot Pokemon dawn of Darkness.

  11. Pokérol says:

    Pokemon: Reign of Legends is in development Alpha stage..

  12. PokéPoké says:

    The best MMO is pokemon dawn of darkness

  13. Degstorm says:

    Pokemon DoD is the best MMO 😀

  14. i9qwuquw8 says:


  15. Sebastian says:

    UNOVA RPG you missed that one and you missed pokemon battle quest and the pokemon moon rpg and a lot of others

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