Pokémon Volcano


Pokémon Volcano is a free online Pokémon RPG. You do not have to download anything to play Pokémon Volcano, you can play it inside your browser.

The gameplay of Pokémon Volcano is similar to most Pokémon games: You control a Pokémon trainer and you start with just one Pokémon. Then you can start training and catching new Pokémon to set up your own team.

The map in Pokémon Volcano feels very intuitive. When you start out you immediately see perks of grass, a Pokémon center, trees, water and even a cave. Things we all know from other Pokémon games.

Pokémon Volcano also has a ranking page. On this page you can see which trainers have the highest level and the most points. You acquire these points by defeating wild Pokémon.

There’s also a Pokédex page that lists 493 Pokémon. This way you can easily look up information about your Pokémon.

Pokémon Volcano looks and plays like a decent Pokémon RPG. If you want to play Pokémon in your browser, then this is really a good option. But before you start playing, you should know that this game is still in beta. You might encounter bugs and there isn’t a lot of content in the game yet. There are for example only 4 maps available at this moment.

Homepage: http://pokemonvolcano.com


Pokémon Volcano


Pokémon Volcano map

Pokémon Volcano ranking

Pokémon Volcano Pokédex



DelugeRPG is an online Pokémon role playing game. You can play DelugeRPG inside your browser. You do not have to download anything.

Because DelugeRPG is played inside your browser you first have to pick what piece of the map you want to explore,  then you can walk around in that piece of the map, catch Pokémon and train like you used to do in other Pokémon games.

Every player in DelugeRPG has a profile. On this profile you can see what badges a player has earned, which Pokémon he has caught and much more! On the profile page you can also trade or fight with other players.

Pokémon Types:

In Pokémon Deluge, some Pokémon may look different than normal. These Pokémon have a special ability according to their type: Metallic, Ghostly, Shadow, Dark, Shiny and Mirage. (Listed most common to rarest)

Normal Pokémon are most common. They have no abilities.

Metallic Pokémon cannot be effected by status like burn, poison, confusion, sleep, and freeze.

When a Ghostly Pokémon attacks, they have a chance of making the other Pokémon flinch.

Shadow Pokémon cannot be affected by Metallic and Ghostly abilities.

Every attack of a Dark Pokémon that hits the opponent has 25% more power to it.

A Shiny Pokémon has 25% more HP.

The ability of Mirage Pokémon changes depending on the opponent’s type. 20% more attack against Dark. Gains 20% HP against Shiny. Copies the ability of Ghostly and Metallic Pokémon when fighting against them. On facing Shadow Pokémon, it transfers all its ailments to the opponent (If your Pokémon is poisoned, it heals itself and poisons the opponent). And finally Mirage Pokémon lose 10% health against normal Pokémon.

Supported Browsers: Firefox, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome

To use Internet Explorer you should install the Google Chrome Frame plugin first.

DelugeRPG looks like a cool alternative if you don’t want to download anything. Then you can still have a decent Pokémon experience, inside your browser!

Homepage: http://www.delugerpg.com




DelugeRPG map

DelugeRPG one piece of the map

A fight in DelugeRPG