DelugeRPG is an online Pokémon role playing game. You can play DelugeRPG inside your browser. You do not have to download anything.

Because DelugeRPG is played inside your browser you first have to pick what piece of the map you want to explore,  then you can walk around in that piece of the map, catch Pokémon and train like you used to do in other Pokémon games.

Every player in DelugeRPG has a profile. On this profile you can see what badges a player has earned, which Pokémon he has caught and much more! On the profile page you can also trade or fight with other players.

Pokémon Types:

In Pokémon Deluge, some Pokémon may look different than normal. These Pokémon have a special ability according to their type: Metallic, Ghostly, Shadow, Dark, Shiny and Mirage. (Listed most common to rarest)

Normal Pokémon are most common. They have no abilities.

Metallic Pokémon cannot be effected by status like burn, poison, confusion, sleep, and freeze.

When a Ghostly Pokémon attacks, they have a chance of making the other Pokémon flinch.

Shadow Pokémon cannot be affected by Metallic and Ghostly abilities.

Every attack of a Dark Pokémon that hits the opponent has 25% more power to it.

A Shiny Pokémon has 25% more HP.

The ability of Mirage Pokémon changes depending on the opponent’s type. 20% more attack against Dark. Gains 20% HP against Shiny. Copies the ability of Ghostly and Metallic Pokémon when fighting against them. On facing Shadow Pokémon, it transfers all its ailments to the opponent (If your Pokémon is poisoned, it heals itself and poisons the opponent). And finally Mirage Pokémon lose 10% health against normal Pokémon.

Supported Browsers: Firefox, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome

To use Internet Explorer you should install the Google Chrome Frame plugin first.

DelugeRPG looks like a cool alternative if you don’t want to download anything. Then you can still have a decent Pokémon experience, inside your browser!





DelugeRPG map

DelugeRPG one piece of the map

A fight in DelugeRPG

Make your own Pokénet server


More than a year ago Pokénet was closed by Nintendo, but it’s code is still available for anyone to edit. And a new team of developers has picked up the code and is now developing and changing the Pokénet code from where the old team left off. This Project is called Pocket-monsuta and is available on

The same team of developers has made guides to help you set up your own pokénet server. If you’d like to host your own server, you should look at this post :

If you successfully set up your own Pokénet server, you might also want to get friends to join you on your server, so you can play together! How this can be done is explained here:

If everything worked out, then you have a working Pokénet server to play on together with your friends. But if you don’t know how to program Pokénet, then you won’t be able to change the looks of your Pokénet game. But there is a way to change your game images, sizes, positions, links, etc. Without having to edit the source code of the game. If you would like to do this then you should read this :

I know a lot of people loved Pokénet just like I did! I hope this helps you to relive your Pokénet experience, and even to improve it!

PS: I might post about another Pokénet based project soon!

Pokémon Universe


Pokémon Universe is a free to play Pokémon MMORPG that imitates the gameplay of the original Pokémon games.

Pokémon Universe is set in a brand new region, taking the popular gameplay of the existing Pokémon games and adding many unique features and enhancements to create an even better experience.

Currently PU is still in development and a release date has not yet been set.


  • A whole new world to explore
  • Tons of new quests to solve including a party system for team play
  • Events on the world map
  • Catch and train all currently known Pokémon
  • Battle against NPC’s and other players. Including team battles
  • Tournaments, beat all other players and win unique game content
  • Trade or sell your obtained Pokémon and items
  • Chat system
  • Create your own customizable character (male or female), choosing your own clothes, skin color, hair, and accessories
  •  Rebalanced Pokémon for competitive play



Pokémon Universe battle

Pokémon Universe log-in screen

Pokémon Mystery Universe


Pokémon Mystery Universe

Pokémon Mystery Universe is a non-profit Pokémon MMORPG game. PMU is still under development but the game is provided with a good amount of features to play in.

In PMU you don’t play as a trainer, but as a Pokémon. The gameplay is similar to Pokémon Mystery Dungeon. You can join a team, explore dungeons, get unique Pokémon or even decorate your house.


After a catastrophic disaster that spans centuries ago …
Prepare yourself – once again – for one of the biggest Pokémon surprises ever, as the hidden world of Pokémon lures in a human trainer! Turning YOU into a Pokémon that can understand the languages of all 493!
But this time, your stay isn’t all fun and games – as your perilous journey takes you through snowy mountains, dense forests and across fields of rumbling thunder and molten lava!
A change that would come as a surprise to anyone – waking up as a human trapped in a Pokémon’s body – things take a turn for the worst at your first encounter of Team Psy, whose intentions are far from good! From then on – there’s no turning back from your fate as an explorer!
With the help of newfound friends, and a rather lenient Eevee – you’d best prepare yourself for an adventure that will span across the ages, and truly unravel the mysterious history of Pokémon Mystery Universe!


  • recruiting and evolving Pokémon
  • weather effects
  • Pokémon can be afflicted with status ailments
  • mission system
  • Players are able to skin the GUI
  • Players get a free house to decorate
  • held item system similar to PMD’s
  • Party system
  • Belly system
  • unique dungeons




Pokémon Mystery Universe map

Pokémon Mystery Universe map 2

Pokémon Mystery Universe map 3

Pokémon Mystery Universe map 4

Pokémon Infinity


Pokémon Infinity is a Pokémon MMORPG you can play inside your browser, so you don’t need to download anything. The game is already released, but it still receives a lot of updates.

Pokémon Infinity has a lot to offer. You might think that a browser game has less to offer than a client based game, but with Pokémon Infinity that is not the case. Like we all expect from a Pokémon game, you can run around on a 2D map with your Pokémon trainer and fight against other Pokémon or trainers. You can also do quests to gain experience.

But Pokémon Infinity has a lot more to offer. You can start your own clan, your own shop or you can even breed your own Pokémon!

If you choose to donate money to the Pokémon Infinity developers, then you will receive tokens you can use in the token shop. In this shop you can buy Pokémon and items. You will also receive in game advantages like extra experience and a bigger chance to encounter special Pokémon.

You also receive in game advantages if you refer friends to Pokémon Infinity with your special registration link. These advantages are similar to those you get for donating.

Pokémon Infinity has a Chaos version that is similar to the original version but it offers easier special finding, elemental maps, easier transportation and a new theme.

I can conclude that this game is different from any other Pokémon MMORPG game, and you might want to try it out if you’re looking for a decent Pokémon experience inside your browser.



You can find Pokemon, battle NPC's, find users online, etc.

The map, here you can find Pokémon, battle NPC’s etc..

Pokémon Infinity pokemon list

Here you can see your Pokémon.

Pokémon Infinity breeding page

On this page you can breed.

Pokémon Infinity high-scores

This is the high-score page.