Pokemonium – It’s Pokenet revived!!


It’s been a while since Pokenet, a very promising new pokemon mmorpg, got shut down. But they didn’t leave us empty handed. They gave the source code of their game away so that anyone who wanted to could use and adapt it the way they wanted to. This is how Pokemonium was born. The developers of Pokemonium have taken the source code of Pokenet and have been developing it to provide an even better online pokemon experience!

The game is still in development but beta versions are released over time and are free to download and play. Beware though that beta means you might encounter bugs during your playtime, so be sure to use their community forums for help when something goes wrong. You should also know that any progress you make in the game during beta will be wiped when the game is released. All characters and accounts will be wiped at the final launch of Pokemonium.

Homepage: http://pokemonium.com/







Pokémon Creed


Pokémon Creed is a free online Pokémon RPG that you can play inside your browser. It was launched in June 2010 and has regularly been updated and improved since then.

In Pokémon Creed there are different maps you can play on. These maps are styled like the maps you are used to from Gameboys. On these maps you can catch and fights against Pokémon. There are six types of Pokémon available. These are Luminous, Shadow, Cursed, Rainbow, Golden and Normal

Under the Battle tab you can choose between different trainers and gyms to fight against. You can also fight in the Battle Tent. Here you have to choose 3 Pokémon (You can’t keep them). The moves of these Pokémon will be based on your current starter Pokémon, TM moves will be replaced with Double Kick. These 3 Pokémon will be level 30, and so will be your opponents Pokémon. One other cool feature is the Battle Tower. Here you have to fight your way up the tower by defeating a Pokémon as much as you can.

One interesting feature that is still in beta is Live Battles. This means that you can also battle against your friends in Pokémon Creed instead of only computer controlled trainers.

Another interesting feature is the laboratory. In the ‘lab’ you can receive random tasks which you can complete for lab credits. You can use these credits to get special pokeballs that allow you to catch special Pokémon.

If you want to do something else then just fighting and catching Pokémon then you can also participate in all sorts of competitions in the Games Corner. You might even win a cool prize like a Pokémon or money!  Or you can check all your rankings . There is a page for trainer rankings, Pokémon rankings, money rankings, coin rankings, etc..

Pokémon Creed has a lot to offer and is certainly worth a try if you are looking for a browser based Pokémon game. It does have a lot of similarities with Pokémon Moon. It’s up to you to decide which game suites you better!

Homepage: http://pokemoncreed.net


Pokémon Creed

Pokémon Creed Pallet Town

Pokémon Creed NPCs

Pokémon Creed Battle Tent

The Pokémon Moon RPG


Pokémon Moon is a free online Pokémon RPG. You can play Pokémon Moon inside your browser. The game is completely text-based. This means that there isn’t an interactive map on which you can play with others. You can find Pokémon and gain items and money by mining and exploring different areas.

Pokémon Moon features a battle area. On this page you follow storylines by defeating trainers, gym leaders, etc.

On the legendary areas you can search for legendary Pokémon, catch wild Pokémon and find money and items.

In the minigame center you can play minigames and unlock Pokémon with the minigame points that you have gained.

If you find rocks or Pokémon DNAs then you can use these items to gain Pokémon as well.

You can also battle against other players but these battles are computer controlled, so you don’t actually battle against the player but just against his Pokémon.

There is also a shop in which you can buy items for real money. People who buy these items have an advantage over players who don’t. For example: You can buy a dark ball which is a capturing device that never fails and when the Pokémon is captured, it instantly gains 125 level’s because of the ball.

Pokémon Moon is a text based Pokémon RPG with a lot of features, more than I discussed in this article and a lot of content. If you are looking for an online Pokémon game to play inside your browser, and you don’t mind not having an interactive map, then be sure to check out this game!

Homepage: http://tpmrpg.net/


The Pokémon Moon RPG


Pokémon Moon battle

Pokémon Moon battle area

Pokémon Moon mines

Pokémon Moon shop

Pokémon Omega


Pokémon Omega

Pokémon Omega is a free to play online Pokémon RPG. You do not have to download anything to play Pokémon Omega. You can play it inside your browser. The game has been in development since 2009 and it is still being developed at this moment. But a playable version has already been released.

When you start playing Pokémon Omega, you feel that this game has been in development for quite some time. The map is extensive, looks nice and movements on the map are very smooth.

The gameplay of Pokémon Omega is very similar to most Pokémon games. You start as a Pokémon trainer, represented by a sprite of your choosing, on the map and you have just one Pokémon. Then you can start training and catching Pokémon.

Pokémon Omega offers everything you would expect from a Pokémon RPG: training and catching Pokémon, a pokedex, gyms to battle, a ranking system, etc.. But in Pokémon Omega you can also do quests! Quests can be started by talking to NPC’s and once started they can be found in your quest list.

Some other interesting features are animated battles and an interactive world map. This way you can easily travel around the map. You must have visited a city once though, before you can travel there quickly with just one click on the map.

If you’re searching a decent online Pokémon game with interesting features that you can play inside your browser, without having to download anything, then Pokémon Omega is the game you are looking for!

Homepage: http://pokemonomega.com


Pokémon Omega

Pokémon Omega map

Pokémon Omega world map

Pokémon Omega pokedex

Pokémon Omega battle

Pokémon Infinity


Pokémon Infinity is a Pokémon MMORPG you can play inside your browser, so you don’t need to download anything. The game is already released, but it still receives a lot of updates.

Pokémon Infinity has a lot to offer. You might think that a browser game has less to offer than a client based game, but with Pokémon Infinity that is not the case. Like we all expect from a Pokémon game, you can run around on a 2D map with your Pokémon trainer and fight against other Pokémon or trainers. You can also do quests to gain experience.

But Pokémon Infinity has a lot more to offer. You can start your own clan, your own shop or you can even breed your own Pokémon!

If you choose to donate money to the Pokémon Infinity developers, then you will receive tokens you can use in the token shop. In this shop you can buy Pokémon and items. You will also receive in game advantages like extra experience and a bigger chance to encounter special Pokémon.

You also receive in game advantages if you refer friends to Pokémon Infinity with your special registration link. These advantages are similar to those you get for donating.

Pokémon Infinity has a Chaos version that is similar to the original version but it offers easier special finding, elemental maps, easier transportation and a new theme.

I can conclude that this game is different from any other Pokémon MMORPG game, and you might want to try it out if you’re looking for a decent Pokémon experience inside your browser.

Homepage: http://www.pokemoninfinity.com


You can find Pokemon, battle NPC's, find users online, etc.

The map, here you can find Pokémon, battle NPC’s etc..

Pokémon Infinity pokemon list

Here you can see your Pokémon.

Pokémon Infinity breeding page

On this page you can breed.

Pokémon Infinity high-scores

This is the high-score page.